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If you own one of the campsites featured and you want us to remove or alter your entry please use the email address below
if you know of any suitable campsites not featured please let us know via the forum or the address below thanks

Please do not  collect wood from woodlands. For the health of the woods collect  from other places or buy it

Tents (Glastonbury)

Campsites which make campfire related charges   (eg compulsory log purchase) denoted Campfire charges apply; not always bad see forum

If you contact or visit any of the campsites please mention campfires.co.cc

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The most comprehensive list of campsites allowing campfires in the UK and Europe.

Aimed at those who prefer their camping low impact  - low cost - less crowded - environmentally friendlier and as far removed from Civilisation as possible 

                                        campfire by waterfall

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Sites - Lists of the best places to camp Official and Unofficial

Suppliers - Where to get the best for least

Wild Camping - The how’s, where’s and whys

Budget Camping - Why buy new when you can recycle and reuse.

Choose a Country in the UK or Europe from the links on this page and you will be presented with a list of campsites, arranged by region, all with one thing in common, they allow campfires. In our humble opinion camping without a fire is a much degraded experience on many levels. The fire provides :-  

                                               Virtual campfire

Warmth....needed in our climate.

Cooking medium...who needs gas?

Entertainment...embers can be hypnotic.

Atmosphere...a unique ambiance.

Firelight...erm light.                  

                      campfire ,steeple leaze



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